Assistant Application Intro

Dear Prospective IDEA Assistant:

Thank you for your interest in the IDEA Assistant Program. Our assistants are vital to the success of each IDEA event and being an assistant is a fantastic opportunity to be involved “behind the scenes”. IDEA Assistants are required to work a 4-6 hour shift each day of the event and in exchange, are allowed to attend sessions and event activities when not working. This Work-Study program is an opportunity to receive the benefits of attending a world class educational conference while earning your required CEC’s.

For each event, there are a number of different tasks, where assistants may be assigned to specific jobs such as Registration, Operations, Room Monitoring, and/or Special Details. As an IDEA Assistant, you will receive the same benefits and attend the same social events as a full paid attendee. The sessions that you can attend are on a space available basis, and you will need to wait in the Stand-By line for each class until registered attendees have entered. Our events have many options and excellent sessions choices during each time block.

If you have any questions regarding the program, please email Marsha Watson at

In health and happiness,

Marsha Watson
Program Manager, Event Assistants

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