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Nutrition & Behavior Change Track

Nutrition & Behavior Change

Proven strategies to help your clients improve health and quality of life.

The Nutrition & Behavior Change Track is where you’ll learn the latest updates in nutrition and behavior change research. Top experts then show you how to take what you’ve learned and effectively integrate it into client success plans. You’ll walk away with the skills necessary to help all clients forge a path toward improved health, happiness and quality of life.

Nutrition & Behavior Change Track

Sessions in this Specialty Track:

Nutrition & Behavior Change

07-21-2022 8:40am • Session 234 • Lecture

Fueling for Performance: Nutrition Programming for Every Sport

Presented by Jacqueline Kaminski, MS, RDN

Fueling for performance is largely dependent on the activity being performed. Understanding which energy systems are dominant during that activity will largely inform client and athlete nutrition recommendations. This presentation will cover fueling basics for every sport type: Endurance, strength, mixed, and even weight-class sports. It will highlight key differences in nutrition recommendations for performance and recovery, supplements that may or may not be appropriate, and give insight into more complex situations that require athletes to meet certain requirements such as a specific weight.

Nutrition & Behavior Change

07-21-2022 1:45pm • Session 286 • Lecture

Nutrition for Enhanced Strength, Cardio and Recovery

Presented by Denise Cervantes Samantha Clayton Dana Ryan, PhD

How you fuel your body should be dictated by the types of activities you do. But many people use a one-size-fits-all approach, which limits their success potential. In this dual-impact session, you’ll first learn optimal nutrition strategies and how to modify them to best meet your clients’ needs. Then, you will discover creative programming strategies for each training modality. This two-in-one session will give you everything you need to support your clients’ fitness pursuits.

Nutrition & Behavior Change, Specific Populations

07-21-2022 4:00pm • Session 337 • Workshop

Project B.O.N.E.: Beating Osteoporosis with Nutrition and Exercise

Presented by Mark Kelly, PhD

It can be scary to work with people “who can break” if you train them improperly. However, it’s likely that you will come across someone with osteoporosis and/or osteopenia so understanding physiology, client assessment, and programming and eating strategies is imperative to client success. In this session, Mark Kelly, PhD, will help you “bone up” on “boning up.” He’ll share proven food and exercise approaches to slow bone mass and avoid fracture.

Nutrition & Behavior Change, ACE Mover Academy

07-22-2022 7:30am • Session 403 • Lecture

Why Behavior Change Coaching Is the Future of Fitness

Presented by Janine Stichter, PhD

Everyone has goals they want to attain. Modern-day wisdom indicates that to reach their goals, especially for health and fitness, people need to simply double down on their motivation and willpower. Yet, observation and statistics on the health of our country clearly demonstrate that this approach is not working—not even a little bit! This session translates a half century of behavior-change science into applied techniques so fitness professionals can create real value and lasting results, including how and where these results are delivered.

Nutrition & Behavior Change

07-22-2022 7:30am • Session 406 • Lecture

Protein Timing & Training: Separating Fact from Fiction

Presented by Joni Boyd, PhD

This session will review the function, type, and source of proteins, and discuss research related to protein consumption and overall health within different populations. We will review the performance-relevant evidence, including muscle function and recovery, along with the implications for nutrient timing in healthy adults, focusing specifically on practical strategies for optimal protein-intake timing.

Nutrition & Behavior Change, Business & Professional Development

07-22-2022 4:50pm • Session 556 • Lecture

Elevate Your Career Through Compassionate Coaching Practices

Presented by Darian Parker, PhD

While fitness coaching once focused primarily on physiological changes in clients, sought-after professionals have widened their scope to provide a more holistic, compassionate approach. In this session, you’ll learn how compassionate coaching can enhance your ability to connect with clients and increase their success potential. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of the role of personality and how to implement actionable plans based on this understanding to inspire behavior change in each component of fitness and wellness. When your clients are successful, you are successful.

Nutrition & Behavior Change

07-23-2022 7:30am • Session 607 • Workshop

The Unexpected Relationship Between Gut Health and Fitness, Health and Athletic Performance

Presented by Joni Boyd, PhD

Discover the evidence of the impact gut health has on overall health, fitness, and athletic performance. In this session, we will define gut health and its related components, and review the research on gut health as it relates to overall health and reduction of disease risk. We will delve into the current research on the influence of gut health on muscle mass, energy production, and training recovery. Finally, we will review the implications of prebiotic and probiotic gut-health recommendations.

Nutrition & Behavior Change

07-23-2022 9:45am • Session 644 • Lecture

How M-I a Change Catalyst? Inspire Lasting Change With Motivational Interviewing

Presented by Amanda Young, LMSW, MEd

When working with a client who hasn’t yet made any changes, do you ever question your abilities as a change catalyst? Facilitating change requires us to build upon a foundation of compassion, acceptance, partnership and respect defined in the spirit of Motivational Interviewing (MI). In this session, you’ll learn the principles of MI and have an opportunity to explore the four core MI skills—known as OARS—that will have your clients rowing through the cycle of change directly towards their goals!

Nutrition & Behavior Change, ACE Mover Academy

07-23-2022 9:45am • Session 646 • Lecture

How to Provide Inclusive Nutrition Coaching

Presented by Katrina Pilkington, MS

Distinguishing between staying within the scope of authority while also providing sound nutrition guidance is a skill all fitness professionals should have. In this session you’ll gain a better understanding of how to appropriately guide clients and students with their nutrition needs and questions. You’ll find new strategies to educate individuals using inclusive messaging techniques that keep accessibility, affordability and unique differences in mind for those you coach.

Nutrition & Behavior Change

07-23-2022 4:50pm • Session 753 • Lecture

Healing Has No Limits: How to Support Healing the Body and the Mind

Presented by Kenya Crawford, MA, EdM, LMHC

Given the collective grief and trauma our country has experienced over the years, it’s imperative that we work toward creating healing spaces outside of the therapy room. While fit pros do not diagnose or treat those dealing with mental health struggles, there are ways you can help. During this session, you’ll deepen your understanding of the connection between trauma and the body and what you can do to support yourself and your clients’ mental health while maintaining scope of practice. You’ll take home a greater understanding of mental wellness and trauma, as well as tools to support the healing process.