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A Choreographed Cool-Down

Reinvigorate the end of class with a familiar song and groovy moves.

We put a lot of effort into the main part of choreography classes, but what about the cool-down? It’s more than just a time to catch your breath and fly over some basic stretches. Take a moment to make the cool-down a creative part of your class. One way to do this is to choreograph a known song—old or new. A good example is “Dancing Queen,” a popular ABBA song and a recent hit from the musical Mamma Mia! The following is set to the soundtrack of the Broadway musical (Act 1, track 7).

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Yoav Avidar

Yoav Avidar is a Nike elite trainer and co-owner of B.Education, Israel&#39s leading fitness and dance certification institution. He is also Israel&#39s 2001 Instructor of the Year. Yoav&#39s instructional skills, creativity, dynamism and charisma have made him a popular presenter in more than 15 countries.

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