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November 2014

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal - November 2014
Leveraging Change in the Workplace
Gregory Florez discusses how, for many, the occupational environment is both the cause of and the solution to obesity.
Creative Ideas That Inspire
Bring in new members with a wide variety of offerings.
Sample Class: Twisted!
Target trunk stability and rotational strength in this focused class.
Find Your Center in the Water
Use the unique properties of the pool to take participants through a great core challenge.
Make Them Stay!
How do you encourage students to participate until the end of class?
Retirement Planning for Personal Trainers
Are you investing for a healthy financial future?
Foundations of New-Client Training
Gradual changes and education helped this client take the reins on her self-improvement journey.
Appetizers cec
Here's a taste of what's cooking in the nutrition world:
Cardiovascular Exercise Improves Memory cec
Research: Recent studies explore how exercise triggers mechanisms in the brain that influence long and short-term memory.
A Reiki Primer for Fitness Professionals cec
Can this stress-relieving healing technique complement traditional exercise program design?
Downhill Skiing: Increase Performance, Prevent Injury and Attract New Clients cec
It is essential to understand anatomy and how to design exercises specific to the needs of skiers.
Total Joint Replacement: Knee and Hip cec
When symptomatic osteoarthritis requires arthroplasty, it's crucial to know how best to help clients and to work with allied health professionals.
10 Things Fitness Pros Need to Know About the Affordable Care Act cec
The ACA's push for prevention in health care presents opportunities for well-trained fitness professionals.