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Creative Ideas That Inspire

ShockWave, offered at Equinox® facilities nationwide, is a “total-body circuit challenge” that combines high-intensity cardio on Indo-Row® machines, functional exercises using the ViPR™ and strength training with The Body Bar®, BOSU® Balance Trainers and kettlebells. Participants compete with each other in the rowing portion of this 30-minute class.

Big Dance™, created and developed by Jonatan Cañada, is a cardio dance program based on ballroom dancing. According to the website, Big Dance combines many different dance styles, including “samba, cha-cha, tango, quickstep and more trendy styles with themed and top-hit music.”

Stomp fx is a prechoreographed step routine that “focuses on basic, athletic programming, which allows you to switch off your head and turn up the workout.” Participants go through “a series of agility, functional conditioning and high-intensity interval training sessions.”

U-Jam Fitness™ is “a cardio dance fitness program that unites world beats with urban flavor,” according to a press release. Founders Susy C. Marks and Matt Marks launched the class “to give students of all levels an intense and sweat-induced workout set to exciting, high-energy music.”

Personal trainer Tim Haft, creator of Punk Rope, created Beastanetics for people who like high-intensity interval-training. Based on the Tabata protocol, Beastanetics features “short, intense worksets followed by brief recovery,” says Haft. “The core of each workout consists of six high-intensity body-weight exercises that vary from week to week, but typically include gait (e.g., running, skipping), lateral motion (e.g., shuffling, carioca), plyometrics (e.g., tuck jumps, squat jumps) and a total body movement (e.g., burpees, mountain climbers).”

Bones for Life® is an exercise program created by Ruthy Alon as a “natural movement-based alternative for improving bone health and preventing osteoporosis.” Offered through the Foundation for Movement Intelligence, Bones for Life uses “weight-bearing patterns to teach safe transmission of force through the skeleton without causing shearing stress in vulnerable joints.”

Essentrics™ is a dynamic workout that is set to music and combines strengthening with stretching. Each of the four 25-minute workouts is based on the Esmonde Technique, which is designed to create “a fundamental level of fitness that enables people to be fully active without putting strain on their bodies.”

The National Institute for Fitness and Sport in Indianapolis features Run-da-li-ni on its schedule. This mixed-level, 75-minute class combines “the benefits of running and yoga.” Run-da-li-ni includes 30 minutes of running and speed-building drills plus 45 minutes of yoga “to bring your body back into balance and make you stronger and more flexible.”

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