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ACE Letter from Scott Goudeseune

Dear ACE Family,

I’d like to take a moment to thank you for everything you do on a daily basis to get people moving.

From the bottom of my heart and with every fiber of my being, I believe that ACE Certified Professionals are the most generous and passionate individuals working in the industry today. It seems like every time I turn around I hear about another ACE Pro who has gone above and beyond the call of duty for his or her clients.

I also have extensive personal experience interacting directly with ACE Pros—and whether it’s at conventions like IDEA® World or IHRSA, over the phone or in email, at group fitness events or anywhere in between—I never fail to be impressed by the dedication and enthusiasm you show for improving clients’ health and well-being.

Some of you get to the gym every day at 4 a.m. because that’s the only time various clients can fit a workout into their schedules; some of you earn a specialty certification to better serve a client’s particular needs. In countless ways, the level of professionalism and commitment demonstrated by ACE Pros continually impresses me.

It is precisely your dedication and enthusiasm that motivate us at ACE to do everything we can to support you and every other member of our unique tribe of ACE Pros. After all, you are the ones out there in the gyms, group fitness classes and public parks using your expertise to facilitate real change in the world, one client at a time. When you consider that our tribe has now grown to include over 60,000 ACE Pros, that adds up to a lot of change.

What can we do better as an organization to support you? Please reach out and let me know at [email protected] or on Twitter @ACEOscott.

Now let’s get people moving.

Scott Goudeseune
President and CEO

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