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People taking indoor cycling class

Indoor Cycling by Science

By Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA / March 14, 2022

There you sit, spinning your mental wheels, trying to create a successful indoor cycling workout . . . again. What if you had an easy-to-follow template that would empower you to design effective, fun classes and get results week after week, ride after ride? These programming formulas can easily be adapted to cardio indoor cycling classes, using the four-step system described here.

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Group exercise class workout out to music playlists

Group Exercise Music Playlists

By Sarah Kolvas / March 14, 2022

Group fitness instructors share their experience and tips creating music playlist that appeal to as many as possible.

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Fitness class

Creating a Fitness Class Family

By Daniel Marshall, MS / November 17, 2021

As group exercise instructors, we can get wrapped up in creating
choreography, choosing music, cuing effectively and teaching proper
technique. While all these aspects are important, we sometimes lose
sight of the overall picture and miss the opportunity to connect with

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