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Fitness Business Marketing Secrets

By Joy Keller / September 1, 2022

How has fitness business marketing changed over the past year, and what new trends are available for fitness professionals to try?

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Raqisa fitness business

Fitness Business Challenge and Triumph

By Joy Keller / February 2, 2022

Photo credit: Deb Fuller Bettencourt   How did the pandemic affect your fitness business? What did you do to rise above and continue to reach and teach your clients? If you’re still trying to find your way, take a cue from one IDEA member’s success and learn three ways she expanded her new business during…

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Fitness instructor

5 Traits of the Best Fitness Instructor

By Shannon Fable / January 26, 2022

As a group fitness manager, you may already know who your best fitness instructors are. However, you’re lucky if you see your instructors once a week, especially these days, and there’s probably no way to monitor every action. If you try to boil the contribution down to numbers, you might create a team focused less on winning and more on trying to impress you. It’s time to change the score card and think more broadly about what you value in employees.

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Checklist for instructors

Hiring Checklist: Find the Best Talent

By Shannon Fable / October 13, 2021

There’s a checklist for every task, it seems, even if it’s purely mental. However, when it comes to hiring the best group fitness talent, it’s important to formalize a checklist so that you cover all the important details. Maybe it’s time to shift your process and think more broadly about what you value in employees. A good…

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