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March, 2010

IDEA Fitness Journal - March, 2010
What Makes Bone Adapt: Gravitational Forces or Muscle Loading?
A review of the research settles the conundrum—or does it?
The Latest Findings on Vitamins & Minerals cec
This research review looks at the emerging news on micronutrients and how to apply the findings to your high-performance clients.
Daily Skills Training for a Parkinson’s Patient
Patience and flexibility are prerequisites for working with Parkinson’s disease patients.
Fun and Function for Youth
Exercise program design for kids of various ages and abilities.
Beyond Energy Imbalance cec
A review of weight management research reveals how people lose weight—and keep it off.
The Franklin Method®: A Revolutionary Approach to Movement
IDEA Fitness Journal talks with the method’s creator, Eric Franklin.
Sample Class: Dance-Inspired Moves
Use this Latin-themed sampling to inspire your own foundation dance class.
From Good to Wow!
Apply the following ideas to spice up your class, step out of your usual patterns and create a performance-based experience.
The Big Three Can’t-Miss Exercises for Seniors
Teach these simple, effective core exercises in your older-adult classes.
Shaking Things Up in South Africa
Moving forward and leading the way.
Expanding Your Business Borders
Use international business opportunities to increase your career options.