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March, 2010

IDEA Fitness Journal - March, 2010
What Makes Bone Adapt: Gravitational Forces or Muscle Loading?
A review of the research settles the conundrum—or does it?
The Latest Findings on Vitamins & Minerals
This research review looks at the emerging news on micronutrients and how to apply the findings to your high-performance clients.
Daily Skills Training for a Parkinson’s Patient
Patience and flexibility are prerequisites for working with Parkinson’s disease patients.
Fun and Function for Youth
Exercise program design for kids of various ages and abilities.
Beyond Energy Imbalance
A review of weight management research reveals how people lose weight—and keep it off.
The Franklin Method®: A Revolutionary Approach to Movement
IDEA Fitness Journal talks with the method’s creator, Eric Franklin.
Sample Class: Dance-Inspired Moves
Use this Latin-themed sampling to inspire your own foundation dance class.
From Good to Wow!
Apply the following ideas to spice up your class, step out of your usual patterns and create a performance-based experience.
The Big Three Can’t-Miss Exercises for Seniors
Teach these simple, effective core exercises in your older-adult classes.
Shaking Things Up in South Africa
Moving forward and leading the way.
Expanding Your Business Borders
Use international business opportunities to increase your career options.