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June 2016

IDEA Trainer SuccessJune 2016 IDEA Trainer Success
Jars in pantry with variety of pickled vegetables and preserved foods.
A Healthy Kitchen Begins with Organization
Does your kitchen pass the Marie Kondo test? If the processed food in your pantry sparks too much joy, you may need to let it go.
How to Build a Successful Club or Studio
Find out at the IDEA® World Convention, July 13–17, at L.A. LIVE.
Create Stunning Visuals With These Great Tools
Learn how to produce your own eye-catching visual marketing collateral for social media.
Applying the Benefits of Mindfulness to Your Business
Use these simple techniques to improve your creativity and productivity.
Failure: Foe or Friend?
Learning how to fail successfully might help you become more successful.
Choose a Very Specific Niche to Boost Success Potential
Why ultra-specialization is a must for a thriving business.