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How to Build a Successful Club or Studio

Find out at the IDEA® World Convention, July 13–17, at L.A. LIVE.


Running a thriving personal training club or studio can be an arduous experience. You hope to create a space that maximizes client success and gives you the means to enjoy a fulfilling life, professionally and personally.

Take some of the guesswork out of building a lucrative business with an all-new intensive track at the IDEA World Convention.

For the first time, IDEA World will feature an event within the event that focuses solely on the mechanics of running a highly profitable club or studio. Hear from top entrepreneurs as they share tried-and-true secrets on how they built wildly successful businesses. If you’re a personal training business owner, manager or director looking to level-up your club or studio, you won’t want to miss the 4-day IDEA World Club & Studio Summit.

“There is so much talent and knowledge in the lineup of speakers that I think attendees will be blown away,” says Ashley Selman, MA, owner of Evolution Trainers, whose facility generates $4 million per year. She will present a session on how to add revenue centers within the club to build a highly profitable bottom line.

“I am pumped to have the opportunity to teach club and studio owners how to add revenue streams, within their existing facilities, that will significantly increase their profits without pulling their focus away from their core businesses,” Selman says.

Check out the incredible lineup for this one-of-a-kind learning experience:

Jack Canfield, MS (Keynote Speaker)
LIVING the Success Principles—How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

Canfield, originator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series, will teach you his proven breakthrough success system that guarantees you greater levels of peak performance and success in every area of your life: your career, your finances and your personal life.

Trish Blackwell
Confidence Sells: Increase PT Sales and Retain Top Trainers

In teaching trainers to find the fun in sales, Blackwell coaches on the most important ingredient: confidence. Success in sales will boost your staff’s self-esteem. Blackwell shares inside secrets drawn from her own experience leading personal training departments to record-breaking success.

Autumn Calabrese
FIX Your Life With Passion and Persistence

Autumn Calabrese is the creator of the 21 Day FIX®, the #1-selling infomercial in the world. Learn how creativity and persistence opened many doors for Calabrese and helped her create a thriving brand by never “working” a day in her life.

Todd Durkin, MA
Creating Your Purpose and Legacy—How to Live a Life Worth Telling a Story About!

In this high-powered presentation, one of America’s top trainers will share how he took his own experience as a broken-down athlete and transformed it into uber-success as a trainer, motivational speaker, author and network-television celebrity trainer.

LEADERSHIP at All Levels—What It Takes to Be Great in Business and in Life

A leader of one, a leader of many . . . ; if you can’t lead one, you can’t lead any.
Leadership: It’s the cornerstone that will ultimately determine your club’s success. Lack of leadership will kill your culture, community and team. Find out Durkin’s top 10 dos and don’ts when it comes to leadership and to building a business on passion, purpose and impact.

Mark Fisher
Know Your Niche: You Can’t Have a Culture Without a Cult

Go behind the scenes of Fisher’s wild success in his New York fitness studio. He will dive into the values and mission that drive his business, and help you find clarity in yours. You will learn colorful strategies for creating and strengthening a remarkable business culture that will attract a thriving team and clientele.

Susan Fowler
Why Motivating People Doesn’t Work

This presentation from a top leadership researcher will map out a new way to get the best results from your staff and members. It has less to do with external rewards and more to do with meeting deeper psychological needs. Susan will share the science and strategy behind leading, energizing and engaging others.

Chris Freytag, Cathe Friedrich and Natalie Jill
Market to the Masses and Change Millions of Lives, Panel

This action-packed panel features three top female entrepreneurs who have their own brands and lead fitness empires. You’ll learn how they market to millions, with nutrition books, massive DVD libraries, live-streaming workouts, product affiliates, fitness apps, clothing and fitness gear, and social media coaching programs.

Sara Gottfried, MD
Become the Expert and Explode Your Brand

Gottfried is a New York Times best-selling author and a Harvard-trained MD who built her brand from the ground up. Her presentation will have you dreaming bigger and strategizing your own unique expertise. You’ll leave ready to explode your business and brand right away.

Trina Gray
Marketing Magic: Make Your Members the Heroes

You’ve heard the saying, “Build a business worth telling a story about.” Gray will show you how to make the story about your members, their successes and their struggles. With concepts ranging from weekly “60-second inspiration” videos to annual fitness galas, you’ll be celebrating members with style. And when you do, you’ll take your business beyond equipment, classes and camps.

Randy Hetrick
High-Performance Tips: Dominate Business and Life

Randy Hetrick, founder of TRX®, will share five tips for dominating in business and life, from blazing a new trail and serving a niche market to creating an award-winning workplace that values healthy lifestyles.

Lewis Howes
The School of Greatness—Hustle, Passion, Focus and Vision
In this compelling session, Howes will share how hustle, passion, focus and consistent vision led him to running a seven-figure business and becoming a New York Times best-selling author. Learn specific tools and habits that prove how anyone is capable of achieving greatness, and take home lessons and practical exercises that will change the game for your business and your life.

Ryan Lee
Seven-Figure Laws of Leadership
Ryan Lee went from gym teacher to online marketer, best-selling author and national presenter. As he addresses topics such as leading with integrity, managing your productivity and positioning yourself in a crowded marketplace, Lee will deliver golden nuggets that you can apply immediately in your business and beyond.

Rick Mayo
Build Your Dream: Create Time and Financial Freedom
Do you want your fitness business to be profitable and fun? Mayo shows struggling or stagnant leaders the light. As the owner of one of America’s most profitable gyms per square foot, he changes lives and takes time off to enjoy his own. You’ll leave believing that owning or managing a successful business and having a thriving personal life can coexist.

Ashley Selman, MA
Strengthen Your Club With Multiple Revenue Streams

How do you focus on your club’s core mission and add additional streams of revenue to stay profitable? Selman will teach you how to layer on services that don’t distract your focus, fragment your marketing or steal your time.

“Even though competition has increased, there has never been a better time to be in the fitness industry,” says Ryan Lee, New York–based entrepreneur and Internet marketing coach. “But the key to success in a crowded market is not just about working harder—it’s about doing the right things. I can’t wait to share some of my biggest strategies for a more profitable (and fun) business, including [how to use] free and low-cost online tools to generate more clients, how to make your company #1 in your market, how to double your retention and [how to unlock] the real secret to success.”

For his part, Mark Fisher—whose New York City–based company was included on the 2015 Inc. magazine list of fastest-growing companies in America—says he is excited about sharing business lessons with Club & Studio Summit attendees: “We attribute our explosive growth to building a genuine community and bringing authenticity to our branding, our marketing and even our training systems. Let’s just say ‘ridiculous humans, serious fitness’ is much more than a tagline! I’m looking forward to sharing actionable strategies to leverage your mission, values and personality into a thriving business.”

Don’t miss your opportunity to learn from the very best in club and studio ownership!

SIDEBAR: Event Pricing

The full-registration price for IDEA World Club & Studio Summit is $469 for members and $559 for nonmembers. Registration for the 1-day package is $249 for members and $299 for nonmembers.

SIDEBAR: 4 Ways to Register

  1. Go online to select your sessions and register today at www.ideafit.com/world.
  2. Call to register: (800) 999-4332, ext. 7. Outside the U.S. and Canada: (858) 535-8979, ext. 7.
  3. Mail your registration: Download the registration form at www.ideafit.com/world/regform and mail it, along with your payment, to IDEA, 10190 Telesis Court, San Diego, CA 92121.
  4. Fax your downloaded registration form, along with your payment information, to (619) 344-0380.

Concerned about your place in the new fitness industry? We have 40 years of experience supporting pros just like you! Let’s create a new wellness paradigm together—IDEAfit+ is the extra edge you need. Once you team up with IDEA, be sure to take full advantage of all the benefits of membership.

Ryan Halvorson

Ryan Halvorson is an award-winning writer and editor. He is a long-time author and presenter for IDEA Health & Fitness Association, fitness industry consultant and former director of group training for Bird Rock Fit. He is also a Master Trainer for TriggerPoint.

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