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Fit Tips – May 2022

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MELT Method

Ultimate Adventure To Longevity in Fitness & Movement

Restore your body and mind at this 3-Day MELT Self-Care Immersion at Red Mountain Resort in Utah.
The Joy Choice book

Why SMART Goals Might Not Be Smart for Exercise

What science and experience tell us about this popular approach to sustainable behavior change.
Woman walking for bone health

Bone Health is Vital!

Exercise and healthy eating can improve bone health.
People doing body-weight ladder workout

Boost Intensity With a Body-Weight Ladder Workout

Use this design to create your own custom class.
Woman practicing resistance training techniques

The Ultimate Guide to Resistance Training Techniques

10 advanced resistance training techniques that deliver results!


Heart health nutrition
This concise set of news stories provides a smart, credible glimpse at the dynamic fields of diet trends, food, nutrition and behavior change science. Combined with Headlines, you can earn 1 CEC by reading and taking the Quiz.

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Older man running for Alzheimer’s Disease
This collection of evidence-based news stories will bring you up to date on fitness trends, exercise research and fitness industry happenings. Combined with Food For Thought, you can earn 1 CEC by reading and taking the Quiz.

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