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Fit Tips – October 2021

FiTOUR Small Group Training

Small Group Training Remains #1 Income Earner

Trainers can generate more revenue with small group training and specialization.
NSCA Training

Turn Your Passion Into a Thriving Fitness Career

How to support your passion and build a successful fitness career with the NSCA-CPT.
Social connections between people in outdoor fitness

The Benefits of Social Connections in Fitness

Learn how physical activity and social connection benefit the brain and improve quality of life.
Trainer doing virtual fitness assessments

Virtual Fitness Assessments: How to Streamline Your Baseline

Take the guesswork out of assessing clients remotely and learn best practices for helping them meet their goals from almost anywhere.
Woman using digital fitness on an indoor exercise bike

Digital Fitness Lessons With Impact

If you’re not studying larger, slicker digital models to enhance your offerings, you are missing a critical moment to borrow from the best, improve the rest and increase your impact on fitness.