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Fit Tips - December 2019

How to Audit Your Customer Experience SPONSORED
Find out what your business looks like through your customers’ eyes.
QUIZ: What Type of Fitness Classes Should You Teach? SPONSORED
What group fitness workouts would you rock at teaching? Take this quiz and find out!
10 Reasons Why Fitness Instructors Should Teach on Vacation SPONSORED
Gain new clients, experience and more by bringing your fitness business to beautiful destinations.
Cultural Appropriation in Yoga
In this practice intended to heal, are we inadvertently causing harm?
Virtual Group Fitness Classes
Virtual classes have popped up in fitness facilities, but are they good for the industry?
Complex Training: Pairing for Power cec
Maximize your time with athlete clients by using the retro approach of complex training that's come back into favor.
Sample Class: Tabata for Every Rider
Take participants on an intense tour in this Tabata-inspired indoor cycling class.