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Fitness Journal
 July 2017

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal- July 2017
Why Proper Rib-Cage Position Is Important
Proper thoracic-cage functioning sets the groundwork for healthy movement.
7 Ways We All Can Bridge the Gap
ACE's chief science officer reflects on key insights from 6 years of interviewing experts for this column.
The Care and Feeding of Superheroes
Learn how to find, attract and develop your dream team.
How to Get Paid What You’re Really Worth
Earning higher pay starts with understanding the value that fitness delivers.
Lifestyle Transformation Strategies That Work
Four real-world clients reveal the secret ingredients that led to success.
2017 IDEA World Fitness Award Finalists
These 9 career pros have scaled to the pinnacle of our industry. Find out what keeps them inspired.
Inspiring the World to Fitness for 35 Years!
IDEA and Fitness Industry Milestones 1982–2017
Question of the Month cec
21st Century Fast Food
How Fitness Professionals Can Avoid On-the-Job Injuries cec
Your body is your business; protect your investment and keep your returns flowing.
Health News: Fact or Fiction? cec
It's easier than ever to spread bogus health information online. Here's how to help your clients figure out what's real.