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July, 2006

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal - July, 2006
Take the Stress out of Exercise
Trainers can take simple actions to help clients reduce their stress levels during times of emotional and mental challenge.
Recipe for a Winning Training Session
Here are all the ingredients you need to design a successful session for your clients.
Exercise Programming: One Size Fits All?
Identify optimal energy expenditure and design individualized exercise programs for your clients using the latest research.
Oh, Man!
Use these strategies to bring men into your group exercise studio.
The Elbow Joint
Anatomy, two common elbow joint injuries and postrehab strategies.
Inspiring the Inspirers
Fitness pros get motivated by a variety of personal growth books.
Go With the Flow
Provide a real service to students by taking the time to lead them through a solid, complete cool-down.
Fairway Safety and Performance
Design a golf conditioning program that will prepare the golfer's body for the stresses of the sport.
Funky Step Beginnings
Use simple step patterns and a little attitude to get your classes movin' and groovin'.
Lovin’ Those Good Vibrations
2006 IDEA Fitness Fusion-Chicago
Stand Up Strong
Go vertical with these core exercises.
Building Revenue Through Kids’ Camps
Let a handful of kids and teens increase your profit margins.
Juggling & TrackingYour Fitness Certifications
The legal and professional implications of failing to keep all your certifications current may come back to haunt you.