Body by Brandy 4 Kidz, a Roxbury, Massachusetts, gym for children that features pint-sized elliptical trainers, weight machines that “max out at 50 pounds” and exercise bikes wired to video games; . . . Endorphins Baby, a 30-second public service announcement in California that introduces youth to the “secret high found in endorphins—the all-natural high that comes from sports”; . . . Fitness Pole Dancing, a workout that combines dance, strength training and flexibility on a stationary pole; . . . Honey, We’re Killing the Kids!—a television series that helps a “typical” American family learn about and confront dangerous health habits; . . . . a Korean company’s voluntary anti-obesity fund that lets employees pay into a program and “win” a larger sum based on percentage of fat lost; . . . Accomplia, a new diet pill that purportedly controls appetite, energy expenditure and the urge to smoke.