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Fitness Journal
 May 2019

Longing for Lung Facts
Read some respiration information about the lungs you may not know.
Meet an IDEA Team Member: Kathleen Ferguson
Get to know our Brand Strategist, Kathleen Ferguson.
Kickin’ Cooldown: Post-Kickboxing Stretches
Help maintain flexibility and alleviate tension with these post-kickboxing stretches.
Sample Class: Mindfulness and Strength
Cross-training that combines challenging strength exercises with mindfulness and gentler movements to improve flexibility and balance.
How to Master the 5 a.m. Time Slot for Fitness Classes
Have a solid plan in place when teaching early-morning fitness classes.
Career Advancement for Everyone
Opportunities to build a career that thrives and inspires abound at the IDEA® World Convention.
IDEA Member Spotlight: May 2019
Each month this section briefly focuses on a few IDEA members who stand out in the crowd.
U.S. Life Expectancy Continues to Decline
Why are Americans dying younger?
Pilates Helps Adolescents
Pilates improves muscle flexibility in adolescents with back pain.
Maternal Stress and Overweight Girls
Perceived stress in mothers can influence daughters' weight.
Fitness Training Reduces C-Section Risk
New findings on the impact of exercise on childbirth.
Bigger Belly, Smaller Brain?
Body fat and brain health may be related.
Question of the Month: May 2019
Positive body talk and body shaming language?
More Long-Term Aerobic Fitness Benefits
Higher fitness levels equal less heart disease risk.
Fitness Pros Influence Body Satisfaction
Comments by group exercise instructors affect women.
Rewards of Lifelong Exercise
Is regular exercise the key to maintaining youthfulness?
The New Label Lingo for Oils cec
Packaging can extol virtues of olive and sunflower oils.
Fewer Carbs May Increase Your Metabolic Rate cec
A low-carb diet may help people keep weight off, researchers suggest.
Blood Pressure, Diet and Aging
Comparison of South American tribes' diets suggests western influence—not age—pushes blood pressure higher.
Poultry and Salmonella Risk cec
USDA finds a worrisome number of failed poultry processor inspections.
When Fruit Is Not Really Fruit on Food Labels
Nutrition experts want better rules for labels claiming fruit or vegetable content.
Move Over, Happy Meal® cec
Some diets reduce risk of depression, studies suggest.
Eat Fish for a Long Life cec
New research links omega-3 fatty acids to better health in older Americans.
Gut Hormone Ghrelin May Derail Healthy Eating
Study links hunger hormone response to the aroma of appetizing foods.
Variable Deadlifts & Deadshifts cec
Why you need to push past the limits of pulling heavy weight with a barbell by using the compound movements of variable deadlifts and deadshifts.
The State of Health and Wellness Coaching cec
Explore the game-changing work of a health and wellness coach, and learn how to become one.
Inside the Latest Physical Activity Guidelines cec
What you should tell your clients about the multifaceted benefits of exercise, based on guidance from the 2018 Physical Activity Guidelines Advisory Committee.
The Power of Simple Lifestyle Changes cec
Use these easy-to-adopt lifestyle choices to help older clients improve their health and fitness.
Person lifting dumbbell off of a rack
How Resistance Training Affects Metabolism cec
Lifting weights triggers changes at the molecular level that improve human metabolism and thwart chronic disease.