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IDEA Member Spotlight: May 2019

Ray Boyd

Member Since 2015 • Stamford, Connecticut

Ray Boyd

“We don’t just sell memberships,” says Ray Boyd. “We sell a healthy community lifestyle.” And people are buying into this former schoolteacher/coach’s approach. “Most of our clients become friends,” he explains. The impact of those friendships becomes clear when you consider Ray’s favorite fitness memory, about a 67-year-old client who loves kettlebell training. “Last year, she got her StrongFirst® Level 2 instructor certification,” he explains, “and brought in a plaque that read, ÔÇÿRay: Even when I said I can’t, you said I could. Even when I said I will fail, you said try. Even when I said I don’t believe in myself, you said I believe in you. Thank you.’ It brought me to tears,” he says. “I love bringing out the best in people.”

Nathaniel Wilkins, MS

Member Since 2014 • Miami, Florida

Nathaniel Wilkins

It all started with indoor cycling. Nathaniel Wilkins took a Spinning® class to lose weight, lower his blood pressure and decrease work stress, and soon, his entire approach to fitness was on a roll. He’s now Schwinn® certified and a Mad Dogg Athletics® Spinning master instructor (he’s also earned many other certifications and honors). “I love to work with people who have decided to live well,” he says. “I get a special joy helping them overcome life and health challenges.” Whether volunteering for the Special Olympics, speaking to audiences nationwide or working with a client one-on-one, Nathaniel loves that he can make a difference every day with “a helping hand and a listening ear,” he explains. “I get to help people live a better quality of life.”

Michelle Felzmann

Member Since 2007 • Calgary, Alberta

Michelle Felzmann

Michelle Felzmann was just 15 years old when she first tried a step class, but it became a stepping stone to a successful fitness career. “My instructor told me I had a natural talent and asked if I had ever thought about teaching,” she remembers. “I told my mom, and she said, ÔÇÿWhy don’t you give it a try?’” That was 26 years ago, and Michelle is certainly fulfilling that potential. She presents internationally and was recently recognized as one of Canada’s “Top Fitness Instructors” by Impact Magazine. “I am so excited when I see clients reach new goals,” she says, “when they have an amazing workout and tell me how great they feel. I am continually inspired by the people I work with and train.” (Photography by Brian Buchsdruecker.)

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