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Nutrition Leaders Achieve Overwhelming Consensus

Over 75 of the world’s top nutrition scientists, medical experts and media members convened last November at Finding Common Ground—a summit organized by food and nutrition nonprofit Oldways—to reach consensus on what Americans should be eating. Their recommendations included strong support for the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee report and for sustainability of our food systems and greater food literacy.

Even with dietary philosophies ranging from vegan to Paleo and from Mediterranean to low fat, the scientists found 11 points of agreement. The group participated in a 2-day debate that dissected scientific studies and compared diets to arrive at a clear outline of what healthy eating entails, agreeing on standards and sources of evidence, as well as the need to base judgments on the weight of evidence.

For the complete Oldways Finding Common Ground consensus document and a list of participating scientists, go to www.oldwayspt.org/commonground.

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