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Ramping up Your Zoom Studio and More

If teaching virtually scares you, you're not alone. This episode is a confidence booster from a pro!

  •  Season 1, Episode 4

IDEA editor in chief Sandy Todd Webster talks with 2019 IDEA Fitness Leader of the Year Tricia Murphy Madden, a global group exercise program creator, educator and top presenter. Tricia has developed many highly acclaimed programs, including Barre Above®, Urban Striptease Aerobics, and HOMEROOMfit, among others. This is the second of a two-part episode (there was much to unpack from a crazy year) in which Tricia describes her mindset for success during the pandemic pivot and talks through strategies fit pros can use to launch their virtual Zoom studio.

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Hosted by Sandy Todd Webster, Editor in Chief, IDEA Publications, executive produced by Jordan Leeds; produced and engineered by Michael Hilding. Copyright 2021 by Outside Inc.

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