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Programs & Equipment Survey

2008 IDEA Fitness Programs & Equipment Survey

According to industry definitions, “multipurpose” health clubs have fitness facilities and racquet courts. “Fitness-only” health clubs have fitness (group exercise and/or a fitness center with equipment), but no racquet courts. Either type of club may have a swimming pool or a gymnasium.

Respondents wer…

REALITY CHECK; America’s fittest city? Well, maybe not

We’re fit! We’re fat! We’re kind of sweaty.
It’s hard to say where San Diego stands when you read the myriad rankings that stack us up against other cities. Case in point: Men’s Fitness picked San Diego as No. 9 on its fittest list in 2005. For the last two years, the same magazine put us at No. 21 — on its fattest list.
Yikes! That’s quite a weight gain. Had you n…

Personal Training Stays on Top, Study Shows

SAN DIEGO – Personal training, mind-body fusion and outdoor activities continue to be popular offerings at health clubs while stability balls, resistance bands and balance boards are the most frequently offered equipment, according to the 12th annual IDEA Fitness Programs and Equipment Survey.
The survey of 225 IDEA members, who consist of health club owners, fitness center managers and…

Latest Trends on Health and Fitness

IDEA Health & Fitness Association, the leading membership organization of health, wellness and fitness professionals worldwide with more than 21,000 members in over 80 countries, has announced the findings of its annual IDEA Fitness Programs & Equipment Survey. In its 12th year, the survey revealed an increasing range of activities and gear that are specially targeted to meet the diverse n…

2007 IDEA Fitness Programs And Survey

How do fitness professionals motivate people to become active and—perhaps even more challenging—to adhere to a program? How do we help people embrace the lifestyle of being fit? We can draw motivation from our excitement about the unique professional role we play in society. As exercise scientists continue to make new discoveries, we have the resources to bring this informatio…

Meeting the Challenge: Variety, Activity for All

A major component of the fitness professional’s job is to inspire people to become more active and to continue a program of activity throughout their lives. As obesity and hyperkinetic disease rates continue to climb, we are constantly challenged as an industry to promote and motivate healthy living.
The 12th IDEA Fitness Programs & Equipment Survey shows that the fit…

Lifestyle Coaching

One-third (34%) of those who responded
to the 2006 IDEA Fitness Programs & Equipment Survey offer lifestyle coaching, and of those, 48% are personal fitness
trainers. This is reasonable considering how trainers are well positioned to understand their clients’ lifestyle issues. Twenty-five
percent of trainers and 21% of health club managers feel lifestyle coaching will grow.

Special Programs for Special People

The people who seek the services of fitness businesses approach with a variety of goals and physical capabilities. A person can fulfill multiple “types” by being, for example, an amateur athlete, apparently healthy, with a chronic injury. A person with physical disabilitie…

Personal Training (data from the 2005 IDEA Programs & Equipment Survey)

IDEA Survey
By Patricia Ryan, MS

Personal Training
When it comes to the number of trainers you have and the quantity of sessions they conduct, how does your facility stack up to others? Since 88% of the businesses included in the 2005 IDEA Fitness Programs & Equipment Survey offer personal training, it’s no surprise that trainers appear in virtually all facilities. Personal training businesses ha…

Profile of Personal Training Clients

Personal training is the haven of older exercisers who want guidance to begin or continue an exercise program. Over half of personal training clients are 45 years or older, and the majority are beginning or intermediate exercisers. Considering that so many clients have temporary or chronic injuries or special medical needs, it’s not surprising that they turn to the expertise and one-on…

IDEA Data Show Business Is Booming

Trainer Survey
By Patricia Ryan, MS

IDEA Data Show Business Is Booming
New data reveal the expansion of training into new skills and new opportunities.

% of respondents offering program
Total of All Respondents Health Clubs and YMCAs PFTs in Client Homes PFT Gyms

n (number) personal training (one-to-one) personal training (2 clients share) personal trai…

Estimated Average Age of Clients

Interest in attending planned exercise programs appears to rise and fall depending on age. The chart below shows the average age of members and clients, according to IDEA business and program director members responding to the IDEA Fitness Programs & Equipment Survey.


Public-health officials and the press talk about good health and weight loss, but dedicated fitness professionals are doing the work of inspiring people to exercise. Using creative ideas, good science and great personal rapport, the fitness community is purposefully working behind the headlines to change lives.

Trends in Personal Training

Personal training continues to grow, despite the political and economic turmoil of the past few years. Responding to the 2004 IDEA Programs & Equipment Survey, IDEA personal
fitness trainer (PFT) members reported positive directions in their profession.
Highlights of this first-time survey showed trainers are experiencing

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