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IDEA Food and Nutrition Tips – November 2020

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Intermittent fasting food
The Right—and Wrong—Way to Intermittent Fast SPONSORED
Take intermittent fasting to the next level by leveraging new insight on how to break the fast and make the eating window work for you.
Intermitten Fasting
Intermittent Fasting and the Foods That Follow SPONSORED
Intermittent fasting may be the tool you need to move you toward health and weight goals but only if you eat wisely.
Brussels sprouts slaw
Recipe for Health: Brussels Sprout Hazelnut Slaw
Your arteries will love it, too!
Educating kids on nutrition
Pester Power
Kids can influence their parents to eat more veggies.
Whole grains
Whole-Grain Confusion
Consumers are often misled by labels, study finds.
Pork chop
Pork Delivers Balanced Nutrition SPONSORED
From farm to fork, pork delivers protein and nutrition you can feel good about.