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Fit Tips – March 2023

Purple cauliflower for batch cooking meal prep supersets

Modern Batch Cooking

Use meal prep supersets to eat well all week.
Woman cheering to show essential fitness

Making Fitness Essential

Learn how four experts are gaining the attention and respect of public health and government organizations—and proving our industry and its professionals are key parts of the health ecosystem.

The Power of Exercise for the Autism Community

Discover how to adapt your best practices to help this underserved population find success.
Person holding gender inclusivity sign

Classes for the Masses: Gender Inclusivity

Learn how to make your classes welcoming to everyone.
Coaching client with the psychology of motivation

Use the Psychology of Motivation to Stop Quitting

Understanding why people stop exercising—and how to keep them going.
Self-promotion for business

Simple Steps to Self-Promotion

These six core strategies will boost your market presence.