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September 2015

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal - September 2015
Creative Ideas That Inspire
Liven up classes with a dash of fun!
Sample Class: 3-2-1 Kick!
Share this total-body kickboxing class with motivated members.
A Stability Ball Warm-Up That Targets the Entire Body
Get the workout party started with a standby piece of equipment.
Rookie Undercover: Bypassing Common Mistakes
A veteran instructor shares her tips for entering the group fitness studio with grace and professionalism.
Adding Apps,Wearables and Tracking Devices to Your Fitness Services
It's inevitable that technology will play an ever-larger role in training clients. Here's how to turn that trend in your favor.
Strategic Self-Promotion for Fitness Pros
Boost your business by keeping in touch with “could-be” clients in a targeted way.
How Single Steps Lead to Grand Results
A deliberate, incremental client journey that led to health and happiness.
2015 IDEA World Fitness Awards Recipients
Honoring top-notch fitness pros and the difference they make.
The Multi-Studio Membership Model: Partner or Competitor?
Find out how to leverage a trend that's introducing consumers to a different way of experiencing fitness.
Six Takeaways From the ACSM Annual Meeting cec
Research makes promising inroads on popular fitness topics.
Are Pilates and Yoga Right for Clients With Low Bone Density? cec
What are the best exercises for keeping bones and muscles strong as we age?
Alzheimer’s and Diet cec
Answering client questions about nutrition and prevention.
Is There a Right or Wrong Way to Squat? cec
Could the traditional advice for this exercise mainstay be leading your clients astray? Research provides answers.
Physical Literacy in Children
Physical Literacy for Kids cec
Physical literacy can play a powerful role in helping children become active for life.