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Staci Alden

"Staci Alden has been a dedicated group fitness director at PRO Club in Seattle since 2012. She oversees a team of over 115 private Pilates and group fitness instructors, and she believes that successful leaders understand their most important role is to promote, serve and support their team. Staci teaches and hires for all 55 formats provided at PRO Club and is a master Balanced Body® barre and MOTR® instructor. Her leadership has increased instructor retention, built successful new programs and continues to grow department revenue each year."

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Rowing recovery

Row Recovery

March 11, 2020

Indoor rowing is having a well-deserved moment. It’s both low-impact and intense, and no matter which brand of machine your facility uses, a well-instructed experience will fatigue the same muscles and make participants glad they showed up. While it may be low-impact, rowing does include repeated spinal flexion and hip and knee extension; it’s therefore important to weave in stretches that counteract imbalances.

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