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COVID-19 (Coronavirus): Updated information and resources from IDEA.

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Pilates research

Pilates and You

August 10, 2020

Did you know that modern Pilates is a mind-body exercise approach requiring core stability, strength, flexibility, muscle control, posture and breathing?

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Gait analysis

Gait Analysis in Your Shoe

July 13, 2020

Do you include gait analysis in your assessments to help you craft the perfect program? A new technology may simplify the process.

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High-intensity training

Build Up to High-Intensity Training

July 13, 2020

In light of increased participation in high-intensity training and increased rates of heart attack and sudden cardiac death among male marathon participants, the American Heart Association has issued a scientific statement to outline the benefits and risks of vigorous exercise programs.

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10-Minute Natural Stress Relief

July 5, 2020

Your clients may feel fairly stressed after being quarantined, so why not advocate for their overall health by encouraging them to be active in nature?

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