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Sandy Todd Webster

Sandy Todd Webster is the editor in chief of IDEA’s award-winning publications. She is Precision Nutrition Level 1 certified and is a Rouxbe Certified Plant-Based Professional cook.

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Resistance Training: A Physical Elixir

April 23, 2019

When I first paid for personal training sessions many years ago, I remember specifically telling my trainer that I wanted to focus only on my upper body, with maybe a little core work sprinkled in.

Legs? No way!

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Rest, Recover, Repeat

March 25, 2019

For the health- and fitness-minded, discipline and behavior change are key tenets of keeping ourselves on a strong physical track. Whether it’s literally scheduling our workout time, thoughtfully planning and preparing our meals, or tracking our daily activity, we are pretty consistent about making these things happen.

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Cook and Taste the World for Health

February 19, 2019

A few weeks ago, I purged my extensive collection of cookbooks to make way for new ones. Like the 30 or so I just weeded from the mix, the new books will be learned from, splattered upon and well-loved until I’ve extracted all of their goodness.

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Meet Your IDEA Team!

January 16, 2019

This month we are delighted to introduce you to the professionals at IDEA who work tirelessly to develop continuing education, cutting-edge experiences and essential business tools to make you successful. We want to show you the faces of those whose drive and creativity bring you this magazine and the other IDEA publications you value; the incredible events you love to attend; the educational products from which you earn CECs; and the stellar inspired service of specialists dedicated to delivering whatever you need from us.

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Build a Better Club or Studio

January 16, 2019

Whether you’re the owner of a large gym, a small-studio entrepreneur, a mobile personal trainer, or a yoga or Pilates specialist, a basic tenet of keeping your edge sharp with clients is to shake things up frequently enough that they (and you!) don’t get bored. Certainly, that means changing your programming regularly, but it also means looking at your equipment with fresh eyes and considering some new tools for experimentation—all while being judicious about your budget.

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Breathing New Life Into a Yoga Journey

December 13, 2018

When I landed at IDEA over 17 years ago, I had tried yoga just a handful of times.

Roll back to 1997. We had moved from Los Angeles to San Diego, and I was working part-time, waiting for my newly minted PhD husband to get hired somewhere (please, anywhere!) as a college professor. Working just 20 hours per week, I had plenty of time to explore San Diego. I bought a gym membership at the University of California, San Diego, and spent a lot of time there, self-guided, trying all the classes and training myself based on what little I knew about movement and the body.

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Fitness Journal Reimagined

October 18, 2018

For fitness pros to stay relevant, change is a critical catalyst.

The same holds true in magazine publishing and content development. Every few years, editors and creative directors must shake things up to re-engage the reader’s attention.

In our September print issue, we phased in the first of a three-step redesign; with the November-December print issue, we find ourselves in the thick of our remodel. So please excuse our dust and ignore the jackhammering! By January, we will have completed construction.

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East Meets West

September 27, 2018

If you read this column last month, you know that our team jetted off to Shanghai just weeks after the IDEA® World Convention to host the inaugural IDEA China, August 16–18. This absolute first for a major U.S.-Chinese fitness education event was a sold-out success! Over 1,500 enthusiastic Chinese fitness professionals packed every session over 3 days to absorb the most edgy and practical fitness information available today from a faculty of 28 standout IDEA subject-matter experts.

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Change, Challenge, CHARGE!

July 10, 2018

The IDEA team has navigated through a period of exciting change over the past 18 months. Staying true to our professional values and our drive to Inspire the World to Fitness®, we have assessed each turn, innovated adroitly and charged forward. Big thinkers in all walks of life and business intuit that change equals opportunity. When we fail to welcome transition and, with it, some measured risk, we passively and perilously expose ourselves to becoming irrelevant.

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