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Diane Y. Chapman

Article Archive

Crafting Fitness Resumes

September 1, 2004

Does the mere suggestion of writing a resumé send you into a nosedive? You are not alone! The gut-level fear of drafting resumés is so commonplace among professionals from every field that, as a resumé writer by profession, I’ve noticed that clients consider the experience as frightening and nerve-racking as speaking in public or undergoing extreme dental procedures. Is it possible to create a resumé without experiencing stress at the top of the Richter scale? The information below should help you quell your tremors.

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Working in Medical Spas

January 31, 2003

Baby boomers are the first generation to express en masse an aversion to the concept of physical aging—and to become a driving financial force in the quest to defy the inevitability of growing older. They’ll mature without kicking and screaming, but they won’t watch their faces fall, their hair go gray or their abdomens expand. These beliefs are catapulting the antiaging industry into a massive marketing force in America.

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