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The Ageless Now Academy Presents Ageless Fitness


Presented by

Leslee Bender

Learn how to incorporate Ageless Fitness into your existing fitness programming. In this webinar, Leslee Bender, 2020 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year, will discuss how to decrease pain, increase flexibility and build strength for clients of all ages. You’ll discover how to incorporate specific exercises and myofascial training into your small-group and personal training sessions.

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With millions of active-aging individuals, people need to know how to train with no pain! Your clients want to stay ageless! Students will learn to offer sessions that are science-based and approachable, featuring mindful movement and motivational techniques.

This method was created by Leslee Bender, international speaker and certified fitness professional and creator of the Bender Ball. In training your staff as “I Am Ageless Now” coaches, Leslee will provide the tools and information you need to help your clients improve joint mobility and stability. These sessions bridge the gap between therapy and fitness, exploring many options to keep clients young and active.