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Get Real: Understanding Music Licensing in the Fitness Industry


Presented by

Denise Imbesi


Are you feeling lost when it comes to music licensing for your fitness classes? Ever wonder why some fitness professionals seem to freely use any music they want on social media, while others face restrictions? And do you really have to settle for “elevator music” in your video-on-demand classes?

It’s time to dispel some misconceptions and find clarity on these questions and more, with guidance from Denise Imbesi, CEO & Founder of Muscle Mix and Vibes Music. As a seasoned expert in fitness music for over three decades, Denise will explain in simple terms how music licensing works, helping you navigate the legal landscape and enhance your fitness classes without worrying about copyright issues. Remember, while she’s not a lawyer, Denise’s wealth of experience in the industry can offer invaluable insights.

Learning Objectives:
• Bust myths about music licensing for fitness.
• Learn the difference between in-person and virtual music licensing.
• Discover how to use music as a fitness influencer on YouTube or TikTok.
• Understand a fitness instructor’s music licensing responsibility.


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*Giveaway ended 4/28/2024. Only applies to attendees in North America (U.S. & Canada)