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Fit Tips – January 2024

People joining a circuit training class

Circuit Training Solutions

This workout offers endless options for exercise selection, sequencing and timing for successful circuit training.
Man doing HIIT in gym to represent HIIT controversy

The Facts About HIIT Controversy

Discover answers to three highly debated questions about high-intensity interval training.
Walking Speed and Step Count

Increasing Walking Speed and Step Count for Longevity

Empower clients to walk more and move a little faster.
Person touching illustrations of up arrows to represent fitness industry growth

Making Essential Adjustments for Fitness Industry Growth

How to navigate new and potential industry career pathways.
dance fitness for older adults

Dance Fitness for Older Adults

Older adults will reap myriad mind-and-body benefits—long after they sashay out of your classroom.
Woman training glutes

Glutes, Glutes and More Glutes!

Research-based protocols for creative and effective training.