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Fit Tips – June 2021

A group of women using mobility tape

Changing Attitudes About Managing Women’s Health

Mobility Tape For Her: The first innovative heated kinesiology tape with intentions of offering women a natural pain relief alternative to pain relief drugs.
Trainer coaching multiple clients in a gym

How to Build an Online Coaching Service

Use these tips to grow your online business without losing your human touch.
Woman on top of folding ladder looking at a huge wall.

Addressing Exercise Barriers

A practical approach that will help trainers and clients alike.
Woman taking a virtual fitness cycling class

5 Lessons From Virtual Fitness Companies

Don’t fear streaming classes. Learn from them instead.
Colorful figures holding hands to represent inclusivity

Creating Inclusivity in Fitness Spaces

Widen the circle of wellness to include people from all backgrounds.
Women in a group fitness class

How to Name Your Group Fitness Class

Words have weight: Don’t sacrifice clarity for the sake of creativity.
Exercise and mental health

Exercise and Mental Health

A deeper look at the relationship between exercise and mental health.