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Fit Tips – April 2021

Light activity for mobility in older women

Light Activity for Older Women’s Mobility

Up to five hours of low-intensity physical activity per day can help curb mobility loss in aging women.
Mindful exercise for stress relief

Turn Up Mindful Exercise to Turn Down Stress

Amplify the tension-taming benefits of exercise with these tips for raising physical and mental awareness in your sessions.
Essential fitness and hope for the future

The Essential Role of Fitness and Physical Activity: Hope for the Future

From a world of disruption, fitness professionals can emerge as leaders in the next evolution of health and well-being.
Resistance training for VO2Max

5 Resistance Training Workouts That Improve VO2max

Research shows the important relationship between maximal oxygen consumption and cardiometabolic health—and circuit weight training can help.
gyms open, people exercising

Sample Class: Slam It!

Focus on strength, agility and mobility in this hard-hitting, high-intensity class.

Simple Exercises to Improve Posture

Use these exercises to help achieve an instant postural adjustment.