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The Future of Fitness

IDEA’s 40th anniversary coincides with the lifespan of an entire industry—and we’re just getting started.

While the fitness industry itself is fairly young (or a healthy middle age), formalized physical activity reportedly started either in Egypt or Greece thousands of years ago. Lifestyles, to put it mildly, were naturally conducive to staying in shape, so the need for a “workout” was likely for sport or pure pleasure. Learning more about the history of fitness is fun, especially for fitness professionals, but what about the future of fitness?

Let’s start with the top trends of 2022, according to the American College of Sports Medicine.

1. Wearable technology
2. Home exercise gyms
3. Outdoor activities
4. Strength training with free weights
5. Exercise for weight loss
6. Personal training
7. High Intensity Interval Training
8. Body weight training
9. Online live and on-demand exercise classes
10. Health/wellness coaching


From this list, fitness professionals can surmise that fitness technology, behavior change, customized programs and classes taught outdoors are going to continue to be popular in the short-term. Longer-term, data from Exploding Topics, a company that specializes in using algorithms to pinpoint trends, indicates that biohacking, home gyms, mobile fitness apps and a focus on flexibility and functional strength are all going to be safe places to invest time and energy. Since its inception in 1982, IDEA has remained current with all the trends fitness professionals need to know, and we’ve always shared the pros, cons and practical reasons to either hop on board, or change course.

This is just the tip of the training pyramid, of course, there is much more information available for fitness professionals to explore, which is one reason why it’s so important to remain connected through association and stay up to date with continuing education credits.

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YOU are the Future of Fitness

The most sought-after fitness professionals are the ones who train and teach the people in front of them, with an understanding of how to nimbly change moves on the spot, depending on the needs of the moment. When you combine this level of experience and expertise with fact-checked information about where the industry is headed, you become limitless.

 That’s what the “plus” stands for in our reimagined membership—it represents all that you do to Inspire the World to Fitness®.

As a member, you have access to vast content and resources, and we’ve featured a small fraction of our library below. If you’re not a member, you can still access this education and get a feel for our community.



Tackle Tomorrow with the Following Top Resources:

40 Future Fitness Trends to Grow Your Business

At IDEA, we’re fond of the number 40, especially this year. The not-so-secret reason? Because 2022 marks our 40th anniversary as a guiding force in health, fitness and nutrition. As we’ve grown up alongside the fitness industry, we’ve witnessed unimaginable transformation and scoped out future fitness trends. Take a look at these 40 solid pathways to success, some of which are already established and others that are emerging.

Newest Fitness Technology Trends

Fitness technology has increasingly become a key element of program design for many personal trainers—we’ve come a long way since pedometers! It seems step trackers and smartwatches were just the beginning; now the industry is blossoming with sweat sensors, skin patches, smart clothing and even contact lenses. What can fitness professionals look forward to in the wearable fit tech space?

5 Crucial Behavior Change Variables

Behavior change theories are used to explain what drives a person to make a change and keep at it. Five key variables—person, condition, treatment, relationship with the healthcare provider, and environment—seem to play the greatest roles in determining whether a person will follow through on a nutrition or coaching recommendation. How can fitness professionals use these keys to help clients?


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