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Behavior Change: Be an Influencer

Help clients hook into better habits.

Who isn’t familiar with change? After all, we change our outfits, take unexpected turns when on a road trip and cancel dates all the time. Why, then, is it so hard to change our behaviors —especially the ones that are potentially harmful?

Behavior change is hard because humans are complicated. While the solution may be simple, the work that must be done to arrive at the finish line is often challenging, which is an understatement. You’ve no doubt noticed this with your clients and participants, who start out strong (particularly in January) and then you watch as their resolve quickly fades. We all struggle to “unlearn” old habits and replace them with new ones; however, once behavior change evolves into a new habit, it tends to stick. Co-creating change with clients requires that you honor how complex behavior can be while also recognizing the efforts required to repattern a lifestyle.

Behavior Change Research

You work hard to keep your certification current and you attend industry events so that you can network and learn the latest in research and trends. You know how to teach and train for lasting results, but that’s just one small part of what it means to inspire people to transformation.

Behavior change psychology offers insight and incredible value to fitness professionals. Below are a few important research findings, courtesy of Margaret Moore, founder and CEO of Wellcoaches® Corporation:

  • About 20% of people are prepared to change health behaviors. Savvy fitness professionals strive to target these change-ready clients.
  • Improving readiness to change requires a lot of cognitive work to inspire autonomous motivation and build confidence.
  • Positive emotions and psychological resources are precursors to change that develop resilience and keep the focus on learning and growth rather than success.

IDEAfit + Members are Real Influencers

Fitness professionals are already influencers of lifestyle change. When you add vetted, scientific health education into programming, it elevates the quality of care and helps ensure goals are met. The important thing to remember is that behavior change goes beyond burpees and broccoli—it’s about lifestyle renewal and harmony. Behavior change is the “sheet music” that allows clients to achieve that harmony.

IDEA Health & Fitness Association has been sharing the details of behavior change and how it alters lives for four decades, and we are as interested in helping people acquire better habits as you are. We also have an expansive content library and a proven commitment to helping fitness professionals succeed.

That is what the “plus” stands for in our reimagined membership—it represents all that you do to Inspire the World to Fitness®.

As a member, you have exclusive access to varied content and resources, and we’ve featured a tiny fraction of our library below. If you’re not a member, we’ve unlocked these so that you can get a feel for our community.


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