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Fitness Journal
 October 2017

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal- October 2017
A Fine Balance
The vestibular system helps keep us upright and on good terms with gravity.
Sample Class: Cardio-Strength Circuit
Give participants a creative and effective fitness sampler.
Mobility & Mindfulness
Use suspension exercises to cap off a successful movement class.
Turn Negatives Into Positives
Embrace your role as a fitness leader, and cue moves for success and safety.
TGIF! The New Happy Hour
Boost Friday-night participation and make your facility the place to be at the end of the workweek.
A Methodical Approach to Personal Training
Thoughtful and measured progressions help build a fitness lifestyle.
2017 IDEA® World Convention
35 Years of Growth, Passion & Inspired Movement
Protein Supplements: Which “Whey” to Go? cec
Understanding the differences between major animal- and plant-based protein supplements.
Control Your Moods, Achieve Your Goals cec
A practical guide to keeping emotions in check so you get results.
Understanding Overeating cec
Research says it's time to stop pushing willpower and start asking why clients eat too much.
Shoulder Pain and Injury Prevention cec
These exercises can help your clients build strength, prevent damage and ease pain in their shoulder joints.
When Eating Isn’t Simple cec
Understand the differences between eating disorders and disordered eating, and learn what you can do to support clients.