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October, 2006

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal - October, 2006
Industry Trends to Follow
IDEA Health & Fitness Award recipients share their insights into what's shaping the future of fitness.
Stepping Up to the Pen
How to Improve Written Communication.
Connected, Centered & Committed
Inner IDEA Conference® attendees honored themselves, each other and the wellness revolution during 21/2 days of bliss.
Stability Ball Training for Sedentary Men and Women
Both genders can benefit from a training program that employs stability balls to improve spinal stability.
Teaching Trainers the Art of Self-Promotion
How to help your staff sell their own services to increase your club’s bottom line.Debra Atkinson,
Sample Class: Body Circuit
You don’t need equipment to teach intense intervals.
The Hidden Cost of Liquid Calories
Why the silent culprit behind many a failed diet may be lurking inside those supersized beverage cups.
Defining Periodization
Exploring the fundamentals for "cycling" training phases.