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November, 2008

Fitness Journal IDEA Fitness Journal - November, 2008
IDEA Home Study
Test your knowledge and earn continuing education credits.
Should You Be Facebook “Friends” With Clients?
Discover the pros and cons of connecting to professional contacts on Facebook.
Schooling Clients on Health and Fitness
Lauren Loper and her refurbished school bus help women learn what it takes to be fit.
Brain-Based Personal Training cec
Use tried-and-true learning styles and techniques to harness the power of the mind and motivate clients.
The Science of Water: Nature’s Most Important Nutrient cec
Was your mother right when she told you to drink lots of water before going out to play?
Pruning a Prima Donna Participant
Use proactive measures when dealing with a group exercise member who acts like a diva.
Effective Cuing
Improve your communication by paying attention to learning styles and principles.
Sample Class: Cycle Diversion
Keep participants fully engaged with this stimulating, segmented ride.
Pilates Cuing Is an Art
Industry leaders share their insights.
Exercise and inflammation
Exercise and Inflammation cec
When the body's immune response gets stuck on overdrive, too much exercise can exacerbate the inflammation cascade.
Universal Highlights
What’s the pulse of fitness from a few key spots around the globe?
Making Connections
Students at Colorado State University have a chance to prepare early for a job in the fitness industry.
The Inner Pelvic Core
Try simple three-dimensional moves to help participants effectively train their pelvic-floor muscles.