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November, 2007

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal - November, 2007
One Vision, Many Paths: Inner IDEA Conference® 2007
This 3-day journey helped body-mind-spirit professionals succeed in the growing wellness industry.
Becoming a Master Personal Trainer and Coach
How to effectively teach the "how" and "why" of fitness and well-being.
Is Interval Training Safe for CAD Clients?
Some encouraging results for your work with functional coronary artery disease clients.
The Meaning Behind the Movement
IDEA presenter Abbie Appel shares her approach to class design and offers tips for avoiding injuries.
Sample Class: Aqua Dance
Offer participants a rhythmic, cultural experience in the water.
Romana Kryzanowska: Pilates Legend
A 2007 interview with the world-renowned protegee of Joseph Pilates.
Power Training for Older Adults cec
Research supports testing and training techniques that challenge seniors to move muscle more quickly.
The Dish on Online Diets: Should Your Clients Log On to Take Off?
A comparison of several popular weight loss plans now available on the information superhighway.
A Ball for All
Offer students options as they progress in their core strength.
Pumped-Up Programs
Empower students with classes that reach beyond the basics.
Addressing the Instructor Gap
Create a mentor program and build a strong foundation for your group exercise program.
Partner Exercises
Make partner training fun and interactive with these exercises designed for two.
Tricks of the Trade
How do you handle your client load when you go out of town—for instance, to attend a convention?
6-Week Success Story
Lori Patterson is determined to help clients—and fellow professionals—succeed.
IDEA Home Study
Test your knowledge and earn continuing education credits.
Working with Diabetic Clients cec
A look at the exercise implications and contraindications when working with clients who suffer from type 1 and type 2 diabetes, hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia.
Heart Disease: Is There a Gender Divide? cec
How fitness professionals can educate their female clients about the benefits of heart health and preventive care.
A Wide-Reaching Impact
IDEA member Linda Dunn's "small world" leads to big opportunities to help others.
Sexual Harassment in the Fitness Workplace
How can you prevent or, in unfortunate circumstances, handle this ugly issue?
Enjoying the Holiday Season
Decrease stress and find bliss during the holidays this year.