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May, 2012

IDEA Fitness Journal - May, 2012
Impacting the Quality of Clients’ Lives
Use one simple bundle of resources to reach clients—and potential clients.
Self-Care: Managing the Damage
Avoid burnout with self-care techniques that are simple and fun.
Your Career: Rediscover, Redirect and Refocus
Learn how to navigate professional challenges specific to group fitness instructors.
Active-Aging Stretches
Incorporate these four stretches into your cool-downs to keep participants looking and feeling younger.
Sample Class: Iron Fusion
Combine kickboxing drills with HIIT and standing Pilates moves for a complete class experience.
Creative Ideas That Inspire
Get new ideas for a wider population from this cross-section of classes.
The “Secret Shopper” Advantage
How to use mystery shoppers to improve your fitness business.
The Corporate Connection
The foundation of a strong corporate fitness program is built from the top down.
Ask the RD cec
What is the bottom line on resveratrol, given the investigation that revealed data was fabricated? Does resveratrol in alcohol have health benefits?
Eating or Fasting for Fat Loss: A Controversy Resolved cec
Italian study weighs the value of breakfast before exercise.
3 Thinking Shifts to Help Your Overweight Clients Get on Track cec
How to turn flexibility, social interaction and wellness vision into a winning fitness strategy.
Motivation: Getting Your Game On cec
What video games teach us about motivating clients.
Our Dynamic DNA cec
A roundup of genetic research reveals how variability and lifestyle intervention make exercise programming much more complex than “One size fits all.”
Health Is Wealth: The Rise of Workplace Wellness cec
Fitness professionals are poised to benefit from employers’ battles against surging healthcare costs.