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March, 2006

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal - March, 2006
Dishing Up the Choicest Cuts from the ADA Conference
Here's a sampler plate of the sessions of most interest to fitness professionals.
Resisted Core Training
Partner students up and teach them new ways to challenge themselves.
Training the Novice Triathlete
Designing a three-pronged program that targets endurance, core stability and flexibility can reduce your client's potential for injury.
Focus on Your Craft
IDEA presenter and industry veteran Rob Glick talks about flourishing in an active environment.
Training for Skiers and Mountain Athletes
Lisa Mercer swooshed into action to create her sport-specific business.
Sample Class: Core Circuit Training
Combine two popular fitness trends in one fun class.
Pilates Tops the 10 Million Mark
Pilates Tops the 10 Million Mark
Putting the “Viva” Back in Vegas
J & D Fitness saw a community in need of fitness inspiration and created a 5K event.
Does Your Diet Fit Your Genes? cec
The latest trend in nutrition counseling will match your genotype to a personalized food plan for improved health and performance.
Insurance Considerations for Fitness Presenters
The right insurance is a must to protect you - and your participants.
Weighing the Benefits of Bariatric Surgery cec
What fitness professionals need to know when working with clients who have had weight loss surgery.
Men on Mats
Welcome men to your Pilates classes by offering small-group sessions that focus on modifications.
Rev Up Your Own Workout
Got the exercise blahs? Discover how to shake up your fitness program.
Internet Phone: Smirkingly Cheap
Take advantage of the Internet’s global reach, and pay a fraction of conventional phone rates.
An Industry Investment
Use this three-step process to secure management buy-in for your group exercise instructor-training program.