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Fitness Journal
 February 2017

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal- February 2017
A Minor Issue?
Only about half of people have a psoas minor muscle—does it matter?
On-Demand and App-Based Training: Getting Clients via Smartphone
Apps and online tools streamline the process of clients finding the right fitness pro at the right price in the right location.
To Help Clients Succeed, Keep Change Simple
Samuel L. Berry, MS, emphasizes the importance of careful listening and urges fitness professionals to take the process of change one step at a time.
Body weight class
Sample Class: Body-Weight Barrage
Teach participants how to master movements with this scalable body-weight class that can be done anywhere.
Creative Ideas That Inspire
Help clients mix it up with classes that challenge and refresh.
Flexibility Plus
Sneak in some extra mobility moves during the cooldown.
The Group Fitness Trifecta
Measure your progress with a three-pronged approach to metrics.
Do You Offer 30-Minute Personal Training Sessions?
7 trainers weigh in on the debate about whether to offer half-hour sessions.
Intellectual Property in Fitness
Discover why patents, copyrights and trademarks matter.
Thriving After a Stroke
Despite a grim prognosis, this stroke survivor is thriving thanks to a knowledgeable and passionate trainer.
Aging and Cardiovascular Disease: Exercise to the Rescue! cec
Physical activity can preserve the health of our arteries, potentially adding to our lifespans.
3 Ways to Use Stress to Fuel Peak Performance cec
Learn three strategies that sometimes may be more effective than trying to relax.
5 Reasons to Ditch the Diet Mentality cec
Research suggests intuitive eating may be a promising way to maintain a normal body weight and a healthy relationship with food.
3 Rowing Workouts to Boost Strength, Endurance, and Aerobic Capacity cec
Don't forget about the rowing machine—it's a perfect tool to help clients improve all areas of fitness.
The 4 Most Common Running Injuries and How to Address Them cec
Use corrective exercise to help clients stay on track with their mileage goals.
6 Ways to Help Clients Rediscover the Joy in Exercise cec
Why can't the fitness industry gain more ground against inactivity? It could be because we're promoting effort at the expense of enjoyment.