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🎁   Black Friday Prices All November Long! Members get 50% OFF IDEA courses & certificates. 🎁Join Now!

🎁   Black Friday Prices All November Long! Members get 50% OFF IDEA courses & certificates.  🎁Join Now!

February 2015

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal - February 2015
Four Web-Based Tools for Your Fitness Business
Apps and websites can boost your bottom line while improving engagement with clients.
Enabling Success
Michele Stanten helps nonexercisers to build self-efficacy, to believe in their ability to achieve physical success and to make meaningful behavior changes for better quality of life.
Creative Ideas That Inspire
Get members' hearts pumping with these high-intensity fusion classes.
Sample Class: Add It Up!
Pair familiar strength training moves to create one powerful “mega move” that teaches functional strength in a safe and effective way.
Self care for sleep
Three Self-Care Moves for Sleep
After a vigorous class, help participants wind down with this self-myofascial-release sequence.
Top Five Cycling Class Etiquette Blunders
Learn how to manage participants' bad behavior with grace, ease and professionalism.
Here's a taste of what's cooking in the nutrition world:
3 Retention Secrets for Personal Trainers
Keep your clients with you for the long term.
How One Man Lost More Than Half His Body Weight
Working with a caring and compassionate trainer helped Josh get his life back.
Thinking Outside the Gym Box
Back-to-basics training on obstacle courses invigorates a rising fitness trend.
Rehabilitation Breakthroughs With Eccentric Training
Applying force to lengthening muscle has broad benefits for the elderly and for people with chronic diseases, researchers are finding.
Mind-Body Activities for Children
Do our kids need a sanctuary for inner and outer play?
Food Fight: Clash of the Nutrition Titans
In each pair, can you tell which of these healthful foods is the better choice?
Beyond Boomers: Training 70-and-Over Seniors
Older seniors have specific physical, functional and psychosocial needs that require your attention.
How to Train Clients for the Workplace
Help "occupational athletes" stay strong and injury-free with ergonomics tips and safe, structured programs.