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February, 2006

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal - February, 2006
Aging Gracefully in the Fitness Industry
Discover how to feel fabulous and progress your career as you grow older.
Up the Creativity Factor
Use a variety of simple techniques to reinvigorate your classes.
Bring on the Burn!
Whether you turn up the heat or let it simmer, show members how many different ways there are to get fit.
Nia: the Body’s Way
The Nia Technique's co-creators explain the fundamentals and suggest tips for beginning a practice.
A Meaningful Methodology
IDEA member Omar Burgos helps low-income Colombians break away from exercise limitations.
Growing With the Industry
Joy Prouty shares how she has stayed empowered and motivated during her long-term fitness career.
Injury Prevention: Yoga
Use a strong foundation of knowledge to help participants avoid pain.
Getting to the Heart of Fitness
Lisa Brisse helps clients weave realistic solutions and healthy habits into their lives.
The Psychology of Exercise cec
A review of the latest research provides clues about what motivates people to exercise and what keeps them coming back.
Organizing Your Options for To-Do Lists
Transform a disorganized to-do list into one that’s easy to manage.
Using METs in Program Design
Master the basics of metabolic equivalents and learn to apply them to exercise programs in practical ways.
Light and Dark
Balance yin and yang in your cool-down.
Pregnancy and Postpartum Exercise
There is no reason for a “pregnant pause” in your healthy pre/ postnatal client’s exercise program.
Getting Kids & Adolescents Excited About Exercise
Children are not simply small adults when it comes to getting and staying fit; they present their own unique challenges in terms of exercise motivation and adherence.