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December 2012

Fitness JournalIDEA Fitness Journal - December 2012
Footwork: The Foundation of Pilates cec
Recognize and correct common misalignments in the lower body.
Can This Psoas Be Saved? cec
Clearing up the confusion about the psoas muscles, which are buried deep in the trunk.
Food and Addiction: The Dopamine Made Me Do It cec
Research is uncovering a link between our lifestyle, our genes, and a means to overcome the unhealthy connection between food and addiction.
Sample Class: Core Conditioning Camp
Add a stability challenge to your boot camp.
Eating out healthy
Navigating Restaurant Menus cec
How to help clients make healthier choices when eating out.
Group Fitness Must-Haves
Here’s a look at popular, enduring formats and programs as IDEA turns 30.
10 Triggers That Changed Our Eating in the Past 30 Years cec
From the food pyramid to The Biggest Loser, these 10 factors have profoundly impacted the way we view and consume food.
Boost Revenue: The 10-Day Fitness Program
Supercharge your business with an innovative training format.
The Happiness Factor cec
Is it time for the fitness industry to add happiness to the health equation?
Organize Your Mind for Client Success cec
Feeling frenzied? Implement these 6 "Rules of Order" and watch your creativity, productivity and emotional well-being improve. Your clients will thank you!
PTSD & Exercise: What Every Exercise Professional Should Know cec
Tips for trainers working with survivors of powerful emotional traumas.
Active-Aging Stretches
Incorporate these four stretches into your cool-downs to keep participants looking and feeling younger.
3 Thinking Shifts to Help Your Overweight Clients Get on Track cec
How to turn flexibility, social interaction and wellness vision into a winning fitness strategy.
Whole-Body Strength Training Using Myofascial Lines cec
Eight practical keys to understanding and training connective tissue.
Whole-Body Training: Warding Patterns cec
Reinforce how the body’s various systems “share responsibility” for producing stable motion with maximal efficiency.
The Energy Balance Equation cec
To battle obesity, we must understand the mathematics of weight loss and learn to look beyond the numbers.
Capturing the Essence of Energy for Exercise cec
Exploring the sources of power at the molecular level.
Sleep Deprivation: Cognitive Function and Health Consequences cec
A lack of proper sleep can put you at risk for a number of negative consequences.