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Fitness Journal
 September 2019

Alternative Pain Relief by Incrediwear
Incrediwear provides a healthy, wholesome, non-pharmaceutical solution for pain relief using this simple trick.
Aching for the Quadratus Lumborum
Find out more about the deepest abdominal muscle.
Diverse group doing tai chi outdoors.
Tai Chi for Aging Adults
The Chinese movement meditation can help improve wellbeing.
Meet an IDEA Team Member: Nate Hidinger
Get to know our Inspired Service Specialist, Nathan Kimura Hidinger.
2019 IDEA® World Convention: Igniting Passion With Purpose!
When thousands of fitness pros from over 50 countries gather to connect, inspire, celebrate and learn, they light a spark that is felt around the globe.
Warmups to Get Wrist-Ready!
Slip in a few simple moves to prepare your participants (and their wrist joints) for the rigors of body-weight training.
Sample Class: EMOM Workout
This structured EMOM workout plays with the work-to-rest period.
Indoor Cycling: Safe for Prenatal?
Welcome pregnant riders to your cycling class, with caveats.
Standing the Test of Time
The client relationships you begin today can last a lifetime.
Recipe for Health: Edamame Chicken Wraps cec
A delicious way to add prebiotics to your diet.
September 2019 Question of the Month: Personalized Nutrition
Does the future of nutrition have a more personal touch?
Food Prescriptions Could Save Billions
Offer a discount and prevent chronic disease, finds new data.
Ask the RD: What Are Ancient Grains? cec
Answers to questions about the nutritional value of ancient grains.
Study Reveals How to Eat on the Cheap
Careful food shopping and home cooking can keep costs low.
There Is Something Fishy About American Seafood
When is sea bass really perch?
What We Aren’t Eating Is Killing Us
A global study suggests that eating healthy foods may be more important than avoiding bad foods.
Advice on Salt Targets Heart Disease cec
New guidelines spell out sodium's role in reducing risk.
Eating Sugar Is Not Such a Rush After All cec
It's more likely sugar will make you tired than give you energy.
Women Need Protein, Too cec
New research sheds light on the protein needs of female weightlifters.
The Market for CBD Products Is Booming
But will the CBD rage live up to its hype?
IDEA Member Spotlight: September 2019
Each month this section briefly focuses on a few idea members who stand out in the crowd.
Evening Cardio Training and Hypertension cec
Nighttime training brings more benefits to middle-aged men.
Evening HIIT and Sleep cec
A 30-minute evening workout may reduce appetite.
Self-Selected or Fixed-Duration Rep Speed
Moving at your own pace during resistance training produces better results.
Cycling Workstations and Productivity cec
Study compares types of active workstations.
Can Digital Multitasking Increase Overeating?
Study finds link between obesity and digital device overload.
Playing Team Sports Fights Depression in Boys
New findings show impact of sports on developing brains.
Prolonged Sitting May Undo Exercise Benefits cec
Sitting too many hours a day may alter metabolism.
Walking Benefits Older Adults With Arthritis cec
Only 1 hour a week of brisk walking staves off disability.
Power Training vs. Strength Training for Older Adults
Which type of training is more functional?
Anti-rotation coaching with golf player
Using Anti-Rotation to Coach Rotation cec
Incorporate transverse-plane core work into your foundational movement training paradigm.
The Weight Debate: Obesity and Health Risks cec
We summarize competing theories on obesity, including behavioral guidelines for treating clients with obesity.
The Science of Pilates Research cec
This time-tested method continues to be effective for those seeking core conditioning, coping with chronic ailments or striving for athletic achievement.
2019 IDEA World Nutrition & Behavior Change Summit
Purposefully coaching long-term change that sticks.