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Fitness Journal
 July-August 2020

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Whole-Body Vibration Training: Ride the Wave
Shake up your programming and introduce clients to a different, effective method that will help them reach their goals.

Health Lessons From the World’s Blue Zones
Reinforced by research, nine lessons from the Blue Zones can lead to longer, healthier, more fulfilling lives.

Weight Bias in the Health and Fitness Industry
A call to action for all professionals, plus seven strategies for coaching clients with obesity.

The Art and Science of Intermittent Fasting
This practice may have its roots in ancient tradition, but it is recent research that is bringing to light all the benefits of regularly abstaining from energy intake. Here, learn how to integrate IF into a health-supportive lifestyle.

Career Questions? Enter the Mentor
Hiring a mentor can save fit pros time and hassle and, ultimately, make them money.


Alzheimers Disease and cardio
The latest news and research on a variety of health and fitness topics.

Client Success: Healthy-Body, Happy-Mind
The health and wellness coach approach to helping a client with weight loss.


Cooking classes
Food For Thought  
Recent news and research on food and nutrition topics.


IDEA World Virtual
Editor's Letter: Silver Linings and Sunny Sides

Fitness Handout: How to Help Your Body Deal With Inflammation
Vegetables and other healthy foods can help you counteract the negative effects of inflammation.

IDEA Body Lab: On Your Nerves
Let’s call attention to the body’s complex nervous system.