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Fitness Journal
– January-February 2021

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Word of the Day: Mycoprotein
An alternative choice for post-workout protein?
Whole-Grain Confusion
Consumers are often misled by labels, study finds.
Pester Power
Kids can influence their parents to eat more veggies.
Recipe for Health: Brussels Sprout Hazelnut Slaw
Your arteries will love it, too!
Hair Samples Reveal American Diet cec
Your hair reveals a lot about your food preferences.
The Ketogenic Flu
Study identifies common side effects of keto eating plans.
Active Transportation and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
More activity requires more fuel. Is there a downside?
Chickpeas and Rice for Protein cec
Chickpeas find their perfect nutritional match.
January 2021 Question of the Month: Sugary-Drink Ads
Is it time to clamp down on sugary-drink advertising?
A “Whole” Apple a Day cec
Why food form matters in the battle against hunger pangs.
Fishing for Plastic?
Careful, there may be PVC on the line.
Your Brain on Plant Chemicals cec
Improve your mental well-being with certain plant foods, says recent research.
The Dark Side of Night Eating cec
Loading up on calories in the evening may adversely affect weight loss efforts.