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Fitness Journal
 January 2019

Fitness JournalFitness Journal - January 2019
Tending to Tendons
Discover more about the tough fibers that keep your bones and muscles in motion.
Set the Pace!
Leverage content, voice and connection to get your ride off to a good start.
Sample Class: Sand Bell HIIT
Sand bells add a fun, dynamic challenge to any high-intensity class.
Elevate Your Career and Live Your Passion
Find all the tools and education you need to get ahead at IDEA® Personal Trainer Institute SOUTH in Dallas, March 7-10, and IDEA® Personal Trainer Institute EAST in Alexandria, Virginia, April 4-7.
Steamed Lemony Tilapia
Recipe: why steaming meat and fish is a healthy idea.
Ask the RD: Are sugar alternatives healthier?
Sweet alternatives to white sugar.
A Hotter Planet Could Make Our Food Less Potent
Extreme changes in weather patterns pose risks for the world's malnourished peoples.
Open The Taps
Microplastics in commercial bottled water are another reason to stick with tap water.
Feeling Blue? Eating More Fiber Could Help cec
21 grams a day may reduce depression in some people.
Down the Middle for Carb Intake cec
Don't go crazy about carbohydrates, study suggests.
To Eat Better, Don’t Pump Up the Jams
Loudness leads to lousy food choices.
When Diverse Diets Go Wrong
A varied diet that includes lots of junk food isn't doing much good.
Can We All Learn to Love Broccoli?
Study finds food tastes less bitter if you eat more of it. You can thank your saliva for that.
Alcohol Pushes Iron Over the Limit cec
Booze leaves iron in the heart, liver and other organs. It doesn't go well.
What A PURE Diet Looks Like cec
Appropriately portioned dairy and red meat might not be total villains, study shows.
A New Approach to Food Labeling
Can we persuade people to eat better?
Nutrition Hacks Based on Hard Science cec
Help clients to improve their nutrient intake without giving up their favorite foods.
Yoga for Optimal Performance cec
Learn how yoga postures can enhance mobility, stability and balance to improve common postural deviations.
Brain health and exercise.
Boosting the Brain Health of Older Adults cec
Research points to the effectiveness of “effortful learning,” which combines mental and physical exercises.
Exercise Is Good for Mental Health cec
But keep in mind that overdoing it does more harm than good.
The ABCs of Teaching Yoga cec
Discover the essential elements you need to successfully teach yoga.
Wonder Women
When a courageous client meets an intrepid trainer, superheroes are born.
Move It Monday cec
Mondays are for motivation.
IDEA Member Spotlight
Each month this section briefly focuses on a few IDEA members who stand out in the crowd.
Less Netflix, More Exercise cec
Can we resolve to be entertained and exercised?
Healthy Moms, Healthy Kids cec
Children of fit mothers are 75% less likely to have obesity.
Mild Physical Activity Improves Memory cec
Light workouts promote brain fitness.
Highly Fit Women and Dementia cec
Midlife cardiovascular fitness matters.
Immersive Fitness Impacts RPE cec
Novice fitness participants are attracted to visual effects.
Mental Fatigue and Endurance Performance cec
Should you train to improve your ability to tolerate mental fatigue?